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Quality Products from well-known Brands

Groups of 100 average $12,500 with our catalog featuring Tervis tumblers, Stainless Drinkware, Sports Items, Premium Candles, and More! 

It's EASY - We Do the Work For You

No Sorting Necessary - All orders tallied by Super Fan and packed by individual seller,  meaning it's ready for easy distribution

No Cost Fundraiser With No Minimum Order

Getting your fundraiser started does not cost your organization anything.  We believe you shouldn't have to spend money to make money.

40% Profit - Keep Your Money Upfront

With the #1 per catalog sale in fundraising averaging $125 per seller, your group is sure to go well above and beyond your fundraising goals.

Free Personalized Online Store

Double your sales by reaching supporters around the country with an online ordering system featuring your logo and picture

Something for Everyone - Featuring Merchandise From:

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Not a Sports Fan?

We’ve got something for you too! Featuring the nation’s most popular insulated drinkware in Tervis, high quality scented candles, an assortment of essential oils, and a $10 30oz Stainless Steel tumbler you’re sure to find an item you love – all while helping the group raise 40% from everything sold.

Most Common Questions

How much do we make?

40% of all sales and you keep your profit up front!

When do we get our products?

Your shipment will arrive in 3-5 weeks.

What does it cost to get started?

Zero cost fundraiser with no minimum order

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How Super Fan Works

200 People x $125 Average Order x 40% Profit = $10,000

Enhance Your Fundraising Experience

Enhance your previous fundraising experiences. Do not worry about selling the annual cookie dough sale or oversized chocolate bars. Instead, the average sports fan spends over $700 a year on sports merchandise, your community members will be excited to contribute to your organization.

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