How it Works
Officially Licensed Merchandise
The only company that offers NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and Collegiate products for fundraising
Proudly made in the USA
Price levels for every supporter
No Upfront Cost
Super Fan is 100% Pre-Sale. You do not have to purchase anything up front
40% Profit
There is no minimum order
Keep the profits up front - no waiting for payment
Easy Wrap up and Distribution
We tally all the orders for you - just submit a copy of your order forms
Orders arrive within 3-5 weeks, pre-packaged based on individual seller
Unparalleled Customer Service
A full team of fundraising professionals to ensure a successful campaign
Contact us today to request more information.
Step 1
Organization requests catalogs and order forms to distribute materials to participants.
Step 2
Fundraising Coordinator is provided a Super Fan Representative who helps them gameplan the fundraiser.
Step 3
Participants launch their individual fundraising campaign.
Step 4
Fundraising Coordinator submits order forms to Super Fan Fundraising for tallying.
Step 5
Orders ship within 3-5 weeks and arrive pre-packaged and sorted by seller name. Fundraising Coordinator distributes orders to the participants for delivery.
The following documents will help you plan, promote and manage your Super Fan Fundraiser.

Overview to organize and plan your fundraiser.

Features all available products.

Participants use to take orders from customers.