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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose Super Fan Fundraising?

Super Fan Fundraising offers you nationally recognized brands that supporters of your group will trust and actually want to buy. Prices are comparable to those in retail stores. If you are tired of digging through fundraising catalogs to find something you are really interested in purchasing, we offer quality products across all price ranges.

How soon can I start?

Super Fan Fundraising needs 7 to 10 days to prepare and ship out your sales materials.

How does the pricing compare to retail?

This is the key to the success of the Super Fan Fundraising program. Our product pricing is comparable to the price that you will find in retail stores. Unlike many other fundraiser companies, we do not believe supporting a group or cause should mean getting less than fair value for your dollar!

What other costs are there? Sales Tax?

Free shipping for all orders over $5,000. An 8% shipping charge, capped at $250, will apply to all orders between $500-$5,000. Orders between $250-$499 is $50, and orders between $1-$249 is $30. We encourage you to check with your local tax agencies to determine responsibility to your State.

Does my group have to be tax-exempt or non-profit in order to participate?

Super Fan Fundraising programs can be run by any organization regardless of tax-exempt or non-profit status.

What is my organization’s earning potential?

Your organization will earn 40% of the aggregate total price of the product sold. If you have 50 sellers average $100 in sales ($5,000 total) you will earn $2,000 for your organization.

What leagues and teams do you feature?

We offer a wide variety of premium-licensed products, featuring professional (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) and collegiate (NCAA).

Are there any upfront costs to start? Do I have to purchase merchandise in advance?

There are no upfront costs or risks to your organization. You do not pay for any of your sales materials. Our program runs on a pre-sale basis, meaning that your participants collect all of the money for their orders at the point of sale, prior to you submitting your total sales to us.

What type of support do I receive?

As the Chairperson, your Super Fan Representative will help you design a gameplan for executing your fundraiser effectively and efficiently:

  • Help setting dates
  • Collated sales packets to hand out to sellers
  • Chairperson instructions provided
  • E-mail confirmation of orders entered, along with Invoice
  • E-mail notification of orders shipped, along with tracking information
  • Toll-free number and E-Mail access to Customer Service
Can your company do custom merchandise with our group’s logo on it?

Super Fan Fundraising is able to provide a limited selection of custom merchandise with your organization’s logo. Contact your Super Fan Representative for more information. Minimum orders are required.

How long does a sale last?

We recommend a selling period of 10-14 days. Shorter timeframes with increased urgency are a receipe for more production and success.

Can we do both a Fall/Holiday and Spring sale?

Yes. Many groups have chosen to run both a fall and spring program with Super Fan Fundraising.

How do I get more order forms or sales packets?

Additional sales materials are available through your Super Fan Representative or by contacting Customer Service at 855-602-7990 or Order forms are always available on line on the Fundraising Toolkit page under “Print an Order Form”.

How do I make changes to my sale?

Any changes to your sale set up, including dates, names or addresses, can be handled through your Super Fan Representative.


When should we collect our money?

We recommend the collection of all money at the time the orders are taken.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Super Fan Fundraising accepts checks and money orders. All checks or money orders should be made out to Super Fan Sports Fundraising. We are also able to accept payment by credit card by contacting Customer Service at 855-602-7990 or Do not send cash.

How do I handle payment/profit?

After Super Fan Fundraising has processed your order, you will receive an e-mail with your group summary and an invoice. This invoice will break down:

  • Total Retail Sale
  • Group Profit
  • Subtotal (total retail sale minus profit amount)
  • Shipping Charge
  • Taxes (if applicable)
  • Total Amount Due to Super Fan Fundraising - You keep the profits!


How long will it take for our order to come in?

Standard shipping time for orders is approximately 3 to 5 weeks from the date of invoice.

Do I have to sort the products after delivery?

No, Super Fan Fundraising will individually pack your orders by seller. Each box in your shipment will have the seller’s name on the outside.

How do I track my order?

At the time of shipment, you will receive an e-mail notification of shipment. This e-mail will include your seller breakdown along with a group summary of products ordered. This e-mail will also contain all tracking information to follow your order. You can also contact your Super Fan Representative with any questions.

How do I handle missing, incorrect or damaged items?

Claims forms are available on the Fundraising Toolkit page under “Download a Claims Form”. You can e-mail, fax to 954-556-5147 or mail to:

Super Fan Fundraising
510 Shotgun Rd., Suite 160
Sunrise FL 33326.