How online ordering can maximize your fundraising results


Hint: People LOVE shopping online

When you think about it, there’s really no industry left that doesn’t benefit from the convenience, speed, and reach of the Internet. And while many organizations still use traditional methods of fundraising, the successful ones fully utilize today’s technology to maximize the results of any campaign. So whether you’re raising money for your school, athletic team, church, non-profit, or any other type of organization, online fundraisingmakes your effortseasier and more successful. Here’s how:

Expanded reach

Practically everyone on the planet is engaging online andyou’ll have access to all of them when you utilize online ordering for your fundraiser. Imagine the increase in sales opportunities when your team or group can reach out to friends and relatives all over the country, instead of just those who live in the area. Super Fan’s online ordering solution allows you to sell to anyone with access to the Internet, which means a lot more people will be aware of and participate in your campaign.

Convenient Ordering

One of the biggest benefits to using online ordering for your next fundraiser is that it simplifies the ordering process for sellers and supporters. Your team members can simply send out a personalized email to friends and family that provides a link directing them to the fundraising campaign page. And when orders are placed, they’re logged and organized by seller, and are confirmed via email to both buyers and sellers.

Progress is easily tracked

Online orders are organized and tallied up immediately, so there’s no need to calculate paper rosters of how much each seller has sold. And because all sales are being placed online, coordinators can track the progress of the fundraiser throughout the entire campaign—which means you can send out updates to everyone and spot when you need to make an extra push.

Streamlined shipping and delivery

Because we live in a world where most folks want instant gratification, online ordering provides your supporters the option to have their products delivered directly to their door. This service canspeed up the process, because instead of having to wait for your sellers to deliver itemsor buyers needingto go pick upthem up, they’re shipped directly.

Super Fan has launched online ordering

As the first fundraising company in the USA to earn the privilege of offering officially-licensed sports merchandise, including items representing all four professional sports leagues and more than 60 colleges, Super Fan has been instrumental in helping schools, teams, groups, and non-profits across America dramatically exceed their goals.

Our products, which include high-quality merchandise from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, and top universities, are what your supporters want! We also offer the world’s favorite insulated cup, TERVIS Tumblers, so no matter who you’re selling to, there’s a product that will appeal to them. And of course, with the ability to create customized merchandise, there are limitless possibilities to what you can sell.

Now, with the introductionof our online ordering capability, the sky’s the limit to what organizations can earn duringtheir fundraisers.

Before you begin your next campaign, take a look at what we do by exploring our site and give us a call at 855-602-9779 to find out more.

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