Fundraising efforts do not have to cost you an arm and a leg

You’re trying to raise funds, so it stands to reason that your organization needs to make as much money as possible during every fundraiser. At Super Fan, it’s our belief that no group dedicating time and effort to plan and execute a campaign should have to lay out cash ahead of time (or lose money because of over-ordering). The sad news is that not all fundraising companies adhere to this philosophy—charging groups upfront for products and penalizing them by charging for materials, cancellations, or unsold merchandise.

Try the Super Fan way!

No cost

At Super Fan, it’s our goal to help you exceed yours! So we designed our organization to make your fundraising efforts the most successful they can be. We provide our sales materials and service at no cost. What that means is that you’ll receive our catalogs free of charge, shipped right to you! Your sellers will have the materials they need to reach out to supporters and to make sales—and because everybody wants our officially licensed NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR and collegiate products, it’s not like selling at all!

No risk

Because you don’t have to order or pay for any of our products upfront, your fundraiser with Super Fan is risk free. We’ll never charge you for catalogs or ask you to reimburse us for shipping of materials. No sale—no penalty! Super Fan will never take money away from your organization.

The way fundraising should be

Raising money for your group is not easy—we get it. Especially today, when there are numerous fundraising campaigns going on at all times, and people are constantly bombarded on their social media feeds by organizations asking for support, recruiting support for your group is challenging. That’s why Super Fan was created; to provide non-profits, teams, church, and school groups with a viable way of raising money. Our program is tailored to benefit your group and to make every campaign easy and stress free.

And the best part? Your supporters will look forward to your fundraiser each time, because they can’t wait to get their hands on our high quality, officially licensed products. It’s never a struggle to sell these USA-made and manufactured items, unlike many of the other companies that offer the same old stuff every year. After all, how many candles and chocolate turtles do people really need?

When you’re ready to plan your next fundraiser, get in touch with us by calling 855-602-7990 and discover how easy it is to work with Super Fan. Remember, there’s never an upfront cost, no hidden fees, you keep the profits up front (there’s no waiting for payment), and we cover all shipping and handling. It’s a win-win!


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